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RIP Google - Is it time to Change?

Ok so no need to plan a funeral yet, but it is important to take note of the current trends, and well, Google is on the way out. Now is the time to review your ad spend and ensure you are looking into the other platforms giving a higher return.

Google logo distorted

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook are fast becoming the new search platforms users prefer to get their information from.

If you aren't making the most of this, ask yourself why not?

TikTok is now the most used platform by Gen Z users with the majority using the platform to answer many questions we would have Googled in the past. Many holiday goers will now search for experiences on the platform, others search for exciting activities to do in their home city... What ever it might be, including the NEWS Gen Z is searching for it on TikTok.

Similar millennials use Instagram to look for services, recommendations and news information, being able to tailor the information they are given.

So its time to make sure your TikTok, Instagram and Facebook provides not only the information in an easy format for users to easily identify but also make it easy for them to follow those actions to become a customer.

Book a social media audit with us before the 30th of June and we will outline exactly what changes you need to succeed, audits for June are only $99! Already on a social media management plan with us, no need to pay all clients will be reviewed and audited at the end of June as part of your plan.

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