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Social Trends for the rest of 2023

What trends should you expect for rest of 2023?

It's safe to say our favourite social media platforms have been very busy already this year with so many app changes here is what you need to know to make sure you are taking advantage of the free organic marketing on offer.


By far one of my favourite social media platforms Instagram has under gone many changes since the beginning of this year.

Here are the trends you will see on Instagram:

😎 Carousel posts are where it is at. Gone are the days of one image.

😎 Reels with informative captions to keep engagement high. Make sure you are taking advantage of those captions.

😎 Call to actions. Make your Instagram more collaborative. Whether that's a sticker on your story or asking questions with your posts.

😎 GIF's in comments. Making comments more fun to further engage your followers.


If you haven't lost hours scrolling on TikTok you're one of a few! This platform needs to be part of your social strategy with returns from the platform booming.

Here are the trends you will see on TikTok:

👍 Partnering with influencers.

👍 Following the trending audios and trending video types.

👍 Make use of key words in the caption.

👍 Short form learning content. This is your tutorials etc where users can gain information they need fast and easy.

👍 UGC increase. That's user generated content.


Facebook isn't dead yet but it isn't what it used to be. It's still an important part of our social media plan but you need to make sure you are taking advantage of other platforms too.

Here are the trends you will see on Facebook:

💻 Chatbots. These are going to make your life easier and give your followers a quicker response to questions they have.

💻 AI. Look AI is booming across all platforms but with Facebook we see AI becoming increasingly popular for captions as well as how you interact with your followers.

💻 Groups/communities. People want authenticity and connection and this is where Facebook really excels. Continue to funnel your followers into your groups where you can push and target them with more accurately.


LinkedIn is our favourite biz based platform! If you are a services based business this platform has made some major changes to make it the second biggest platform for businesses to connect with new clients.

Here are the trends you will see on LinkedIn:

👏 Improved video access and interaction. Like many other platforms LinkedIn is pushing video content.

👏 Post scheduling. This is pretty cool. The platform itself will now allow post scheduling, this will help businesses use the platform to communicate with followers in planned content.

👏 Content on short form learning. LinkedIn wants you to push content which has benefit for its users, short form learning is just one content type they want to see.

👏 Collaboration between industry leaders. This is interesting but expect to see more industry leaders collaborating whether its in short form learning or discussing industry trends etc.

👏 Podcast push. You will notice an increase on News sharing and podcast pushing.

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