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Trending Tuesday!


Trending audios are an easy way to make sure your Reel or TikTok is pushed by the algorithm, however it is important to make sure views last a min of 5 seconds on your video, to make it go viral. This means, even if you are using the trending audios it is important to ensure in the first 5 seconds you include a hook or have something totally different than the others using this audio trend.

The top 5 Audio trends for this week for Instagram are:

Top Audio

Trending on IG chart

Predicted to increase this week:

Trending on IG chart


4th I would predict this one to jump a lot in the coming weeks:


The top 5 Audio trends for this week for TikTok are:

Top Audio:

Trending on TikTok chart

Similar to IG this sound is trending on TikTok:

3rd I predict this one to really jump over the next week:

Trending on TikTok chart



Importantly make sure these audio’s match your target audience to truly capitalise.

Tip Tuesday extra: A recent update to TikTok now means you MUST make the most of your caption and #’s to make any video you create easy for the algorithm to pick it up.

Ensure you clearly label what your video is about so the system can pick up key words.

As always reach out if you have any questions!

Happy Tuesday!

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