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Trending Tuesday


This weeks top trending audio's your business should be making the most of when creating Reels and TikTok's.

Remember trending audio is will help you fall into the algorithm push but make sure the audio makes sense for you, your hash tags are on point and that your hitting the right captions.

The top 5 Audio trends for this week for Instagram are:

Top Audio

The top 5 Audio trends for this week for TikTok are:

Top Audio

A study Kantar study in 2021 suggested that tending audio's make you more likely to go viral, as the study reports that: 73% of respondents said they would “stop and look” at ads on TikTok with audio, which is significantly higher than the rate on any other platform.

Structure your videos to hook viewers and inspire action

Your TikTok should follow this three-part structure consisting of a hook, body, and close.

  • Hook: 90% of ad recall impact is captured within the first six seconds,⁶ so communicate the value proposition of your ad early and keep your audience's attention with exciting hooks like suspense, surprise, and emotion.

  • Body: Pull the audience through your story with additive branding cues. As an example, ads showing the product on screen drive a 65% increase in brand affinity and 25% uplift in recall.⁴

  • Close: End on a strong call-to-action to seal the deal with customers. Instead of interrupting your content, leverage CTA cards, which lead to a 45% lift in recall and a 19% increase in likeability.⁷

Happy creating!

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